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I'm Yael, aka Pitz's and Tiptip's mom, Architect by day and blogger by night (not really night but sometimes night because I'm a new mom and all)...

baby shopping blog


Babies aren't cheap... We all know that.
But that's not what we're here to talk about.

We are here to Shop

The web is a marvelous place. Full of surprises, finds and pretty things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This blog is here to help all of you shopping parents out there to navigate through the infinite world wide web and come back in one piece.

Or in short-
I Am, Without a doubt, An Internet Shopper

Join Me

The posts are by category for your convenience.

** For the sake of clarity - I have both a toddler and baby boys and so most of the blog is in accordance to that. Parents to baby princesses - I'm sorry **

And for the fine prints- 
Every thing in my blog is my own opinion based on my (and sometimes my sister's and her baby girl's) experiences.
The prices and links I post are updated to the day of the post and are applicable to change.

For collaborations- Please write to: amothersguidetoonlineshopping@gmail.com
or use the Contact form.

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